Extra Congress Call 2021

This invitation is the official call to SFQ’s Extra congress 2021. This is the first invitation which includes basic information for you. More practical information (e.g. Zoom-link and other attachment) will be sent to participants after signing up. Important Notes:A. Extra ElectionCurrently, SFQ is looking for an additional board members with the role focus on…

2021: Information.

Hello and welcome to SFQ!
SFQ is Sweden’s Federation for LGBTQIA+ students. Through advocacy, social events, projects, our mission is to make the swedish colleges and universities better places for all students – focusing on people of one or several gender minorities and/or sexual minorities.

Information about the current board.

President = Karl Yves Vallin | ordf(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Vice president = Paty Arango Muñoz | vice(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Secretary = Adam Rydén | sekreterare(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Treasurer = Sini Alhola | kassor(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Board members
Aeshapadma Ageng Anjani | aeshapadma(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Xzenu Cronström Beskow | xzenu(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Håkan Dören | hakan.doren(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Lukas Lehtonen | lukas.lehtonen(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Philipp’ Marra | philipp(at)hbtqstudenterna.se