Extra Congress Call 2021

This invitation is the official call to SFQ’s Extra congress 2021. This is the first invitation which includes basic information for you. More practical information (e.g. Zoom-link and other attachment) will be sent to participants after signing up.

Important Notes:
A. Extra Election
Currently, SFQ is looking for an additional board members with the role focus on External Relation to function properly. Furhermore, SFQ is also looking for additional election committee and work auditor. Any member who is interested in these roles are greatly encouraged to participate.
Fill in this registration form if you would like to nominate yourself for the board of 2021:

Nomination Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeh60LzVnJ3ymkM-PKvnDZp35gwZloCZuWX5aN-I_EbBRo_oQ/viewform

B. Voting Procedure for Extra Election
During election, only the local branch delegates are allowed to vote. However, every member of SFQ is welcome to participate and share their opinion.

C. Extra Congress Registration
You need to register in order to attend the congress, so that we can email you the zoom link. Participants are entitled to reimbursement of food expenses, with max 150 SEK (keep the receipts and talk to our treasurer after the meeting).

Register in the link to attend the Extra Congress!

Hope to see you there!
Sincerely, The Board of SFQ
Congress documents
SFQ Statutes (Swedish):

Extra Congress 2021 agenda:https://drive.google.com/file/d/14xyRXWumWJXOjpLBAemywCrlQpOuEoKd/view

To be updated

Job Description for Board Members (with External Relation Focus)
Safe space:
The congress will be held in a safe and closed space with only registered participants, the board of SFQ, the auditors, election committee and the congress presidial. Moreover, we have strict policy about not publishing photos without participants’ consent.