2021: Information.

Hello and welcome to SFQ!
SFQ is Sweden’s Federation for LGBTQIA+ students. Through advocacy, social events, projects, our mission is to make the swedish colleges and universities better places for all students – focusing on people of one or several gender minorities and/or sexual minorities.

As a process of improvement, currently our homepage is being reconstructed thus we apologise having a Swedish version of it in the making. Please stay ture for more information that will be added later. In the meantime, you can read more in our previous works**** and FAQ*, or contact our national board**. If you are a LGBTQIA+ student, or an individual who support our causes, we would love to have you to directly contribute in our activity as a proud member***.

* = https://hbtqstudenterna.se/about/faq-en/
** = https://hbtqstudenterna.se/about/contact/
*** = https://hbtqstudenterna.se/become-a-member/
**** = https://hbtqstudenterna.se/projects/previous-work/

Local branches
SFQ has local branches at several universities accross Sweden, and we are offering several activities for you. Information about each of them will be added in the future as we are currently improving the homepage.


If you have any question, please reach us at info(at)hbtqstudenterna.se




Karl Yves Vallin | ordf(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Vice president
Paty Arango Muñoz | vice(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Adam Rydén | sekreterare(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Sini Alhola | kassor(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Board members
Aeshapadma Ageng Anjani | aeshapadma(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Xzenu Cronström Beskow | xzenu(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Håkan Dören | hakan.doren(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Lukas Lehtonen | lukas.lehtonen(at)hbtqstudenterna.se
Philipp’ Marra | philipp(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Local branch coordinator
Håkan Dören | hakan.doren(at)hbtqstudenterna.se

Contact Håkan Dören regarding questions about local branches in SFQ.

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