Project Avslöja heteronormen – Reveal the heteronorm (2014-2015)

Sweden’s Federation of LGBTQIA+ students (SFQ) publish the report Avslöja heteronormen!: En undersökning om cis- och heteronormer vid universitets och högskolors verksamheter 2014-2015  (Unveil the heteronorm!: An examination of cis- and heteronorms at universities and colleges 2014-2015)
The report shows that university and college’s equal treatment efforts do not adequately protect students who stand outside the prevailing norm. The university’s equal treatment plans show that knowledge of the grounds of discrimination, lgbtq and norm criticism are lost, which leads to discriminatory and abusive situations for the student, and where the university risks losing students or researchers. In an action plan, Sweden’s 48 universities are now called for competence development and SFQ sets up inclusive and norm critical perspectives on the university’s agenda.

The book report has been sent to all the universities and colleges in Sweden, student federations, relevant authorities, other organizations and associations. During the duration of the project, SFQ has presented their work at (among others):

Stockholm pride x 2, West pride, Gotland pride x 2, Umeå pride x 2, Regnbågsveckan in Linköping, Uppsala University’s Equal Opportunity Day, The Discrimination ombud, National Equal Opportunities Conference for Universities 2015

Here is the book as an e-book. (Swedish)

Here is the book in pdf. (Swedish)

Earlier projects:

Avslöja! is a very lively process in SFQ. Between 2011 and 2013, SFQ’s local department HÅBETEKU at the University of Gothenburg conducted the project locally. Below you can read and / or download the report:

Report from Avslöja heteronormen! at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers (Swedish)