Organisational Structure

Annual Federal Congress
The Annual Federal Congress is the highest deciding body of SFQ. The federal congress consists of the members of the federal board and the elected representatives of the local branches. The federal congress is open to all members of the federation, however only elected representatives have the right to vote. The federal congress establishes the forthcoming annual activity plan and reviews the work of the federal board.

Election Committee
The annual congress appoints an election committee who nominates candidates for the federal board and the annual federation congress presidium and auditors.

The federal board
During the annual congress a federal board is elected who carry on the works of SFQ for one year term. The term of office of the federal board extends from 1st of January the year after the election to 31st of December the same year. The federal board shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight members, excluding the presidium. The presidium consists of the federal chair, vice chair, federal treasurer and federal secretary.

The annual congress appoints at least one and at most two auditors who would review the operations, activities and economy of the federation for one year term. The auditor is always entitled to attend meetings of the federal board. The auditor shall review the administration of the board and the organisations economic activities. The auditor shall submit a proposal to the congress on the issue of the board’s discharge of responsibilities for the audited year.

The local branches
The annual congress approves the local branches of SFQ annually. As stated earlier SFQ is the federation of the SFQ local branches all over the country, therefore, local branches are essential bodies of SFQ. A local branch of SFQ can act as independent body or organization but have to be abide by the core principles of SFQ. Representatives of the local branches have the right to vote during the Annual Federal Congress. As of today, a local branch of SFQ shall receive an annual funding from SFQ and receive a membership money based on the number of paid members they had the previous year.