Who can become a member?

ANYONE! If you want to support our work for creating inclusive and norm-critical universities and colleges then please become a member. If you currently have ties to a university/college then you can even become a member at your local group or, if there is no local branch yet you can get help from us in the national board to start one.

What are the differences between being a National Member, Local Member, and Supportive Member?

We have three different types of membership to reflect what you would like to support/get involved with.

1. As a support member you support us and have the right to attend any board meetings and the congress. This is for you who does not want to / or cannot partake in local activities at a local branch.

2. As a national member, we will be in touch to invite you to board meetings and the congress, our election committee will even contact you to ask if you are interested in joining the next national board. You are of course welcome to contact us to become a member of the federal board anytime during the year, but whether you are elected as a member depends also on whether there is a need for more board members at the time.

Note: As a support or national member, your 50 kr membership fee goes towards our organisation’s costs (e.g. board meetings, organising conferences, supporting local branches, working for political change).

3. Being a local member means becoming a member of the local branch that is active at your university. There is no local branch at your university? Don’t worry, we can help you start one! Being a local member also means that your membership fee goes directly to that branch, giving them more funds to do things. Of course you can also become a member of a local branch if you want to support this branch specifically.

The members of our local branches can attend the local branch conferences and the national Kongress (our annual meeting) as representatives for their branch and directly influence what the federation will do in this or the coming year.

I am not a student right now. Can I be a member?

Yes! We welcome all support!

I study in gymnasiet or below, can I be a member?

Yes! Our local branches are all at universities, however.

What happens to the registration fee I pay?

If you become a support member or national member, then your fee goes towards our normal activities within the national board’s work: i.e. meetings and conferences, education, advertising, traveling to different universities, supporting local branches, and advocacy work. If you become a local member, then your 50 kr goes to that local branch! Awesome, right?

The money we get from memberships makes up a very small part of our budget, but the number of members that we have is very important, to show the government and other agencies that we are needed and that our work is important. Without paying members, our organization could not do the work we do, and with more members we can do even more work!