RainbowS (Stockholm University)

Rainbows SU is Stockholm University’s LGBTQIA + student association. We arrange various social events where you can meet like-minded people (both digitally and in-person!). To get updates about us, follow us on our Facebook + Instagram or join our Discord server! You can also receive our newsletter by becoming a member! The links, as well as more info about the organization can be found below ⚧️🏳️‍🌈


Rainbows SU has its roots in the student life of the 1970s with the short-lived association called Klubb Albert. It would take a few years before the current student association was established. On October 8th, 1990, 30 gays and lesbians gathered to discuss their situation at the campus. They agreed that the most important thing was to be visible at the University and to create opportunities for social interactions. This was the start of Stockholm University’s student association Gay Studenterna! 30 years (and a name change) later, we, Rainbows SU, remain at Stockholm University with the goal of creating a space at the university where LGBTQIA + people can feel welcome and safe. We are thus one of the oldest (if not the oldest) LGBTQIA + student association in Sweden!

Rainbows’ target groups are those at university that identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and those who question gender and sexuality norms.

Our main goal in Rainbows is to arrange different types of events both on campus and digitally where you get the opportunity to get to know other like-minded people. Events such as game nights, movie nights and study-hangouts. We also have open planning meetings and board meetings where we discuss the association’s future events and activities. Other goals are also to conduct various forms of activism, work for better access and education around LGBTQIA+ issues at the university, and act as representatives of the university’s LGBTQIA+ people at the university.

To find info about our events, go in on our Facebook and Instagram page for details. We also have a newsletter where we share all information about our activities and events. To receive the newsletter you need to be a member. Read more about it below.

Another good place to find the latest information about Rainbows and the events we organize, is in our Discord server. Here you can also chat with other members, and take part in our digital events, such as game nights, movie nights and meetings within Rainbows. (Participation in Rainbow’s digital events requires you to be part of our server).

To join the server, click this link: https://discord.gg/j2RpqhZXAZ.Once you’ve joined, all you have to do is write an introduction about yourself (include your name, your pronouns and if/what you’re studying) so we can give you access to the whole server.

Please become a member to support our work and receive our newsletter. To become a member, you can fill out this form online: https://forms.gle/7kQfzYydDK2udzsS8. You can choose to become a full member or a demi member. Click on the link to read more about what the different memberships mean. You do not have to be a student to become a member and support our work.


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