Speqtrum KTH

We provide a non-heteronormative and non-cisnormative safe space where all sexual/romantic orientations, gender identities and gender expressions are equally accepted and respected.

Speqtrum is connected to KTH’s Student Union (THS) and the Swedish Federation of LGBTQIA+ Students (SFQ). This means our society is open to everyone, including but not limited to: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Asexual people.

We aim to be a network where you can meet new friends, have interesting discussions and share your experiences. Speqtrum hosts a variety of interesting activities such as picnics, pub crawls with other universities in Stockholm, board game nights, fika, ice skating and participate in pride parades, but the list varies from year to year.


Email us (speqtrumths@gmail.com) and we will add you to the secret facebook group.