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The Swedish Federation of LGBTQIA+ Student Organizations is a national federation for LGBTQIA+ student branches throughout Sweden. SFQ was founded in 2000. SFQ is a queer feminist organization believing in an intersectional approach to work against discriminatory structures.

The overall aims of SFQ are; strengthening the local organizations in the work for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex rights, educating on LGBTQIA+ issues and heteronormativity in higher education, and political lobbying on a national level. As of 2009 there are 18 branches and the number of individual members in the federation amounts to more than 1000, spread all over Sweden.

The SFQ work includes educating on LGBTQIA+ issues at universities and university colleges, fighting heteronormativity within the academic sphere, in both the educational contents as well as in the study environment.

You can become a member of SFQ to be an active part of us or just to support our work. The membership fee is only 50 SEK per year. Here is the link: Become a Member

To find out if you have a local branch (LA) at your university or your city click here: Lokalavdelningar (LA) If your university does not have a local branch but you want to start one, then contact us.

To know more about our projects click here: Projects