Press Release January 2018


SFQ is happy to announce that this month on 20th and 21st, SFQ national board of the year 2018 has held their first federal meeting (Forbundstyrelsenmöte). In this meeting the board of 2018 has set specific goals to focus on this year.

During the SFQ congress on November, 2017 the national board of 2018 is elected. Elias Olsson (president), Kabir (vice president), Moa Strinnö (secretary) and Philipp’ Marra (treasurer) are elected to form the presidial body. Linda Hörberg, Nina Huovinen, Verena Puth and Batuhan are elected as the members of the board (ledamot).

Among many other goals set for this year, SFQ is looking forward to advocating to integrate norm critical sex health education in the teachers’ program and improving SFQ’s supportive work for our local branches. SFQ will also be present during different prides all over Sweden holding lectures and provide information. If you would like to have any cooperation with SFQ or want us to hold lectures/workshops/information sessions for you then you can get in touch with us.