Press Release: Project Making Space

Press Release
Report Making Space
01 – 02 – 2018


We hereby announce the release of SFQ’s latest publication, Making Space: Raising voices of the Swedish LGBTQIA+ community. This book is a product of the qualitative research done as a part of the project of the same name.

SFQ is the national federation for norm criticism and LGBTQIA+ perspectives in higher education in Sweden. SFQ has local branches at universities and colleges throughout Sweden.

Through this project, SFQ wanted to expand its work further by critiquing the normative representation of the Swedish LGBTQIA+ community and by raising voices from the student community to represent the diversity within the group. The project was funded by the Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF).

SFQ has worked on this project through 2016-2017, this is a brief list of places that the Making Space team have held meetings, lectures, or workshops at:

    Stockholm Pride, July 2016
    Umeå Pride, September 2016
    Meeting with other LGBTQIA+ organisations, Stockholm, November 2016
    Regnbågsvecka, Linköpings Universitet, April 2017
    Lunda Pride, Lund, May 2017
    West Pride, Gothenburg, June 2017
    Pride House, Luleå Pride, June 2017
    Pride Park, Luleå Pride, June 2017
    Malmö Pride, August 2017
    Roslagen Pride, Norrtälje, August 2017
    Stockholm Pride, August 2017
    Härnösand Pride, August 2017
    Umeå Pride, September 2017

In this book, feminist theories are used to understand how: homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and similar forms of discrimination and racism, are experienced and maintained within the social spaces, that non-Swedish and/or non-white LGBTQIA+ students living in Sweden move within. To summarise, this book discusses some of the different power struggles that LGBTQIA+ people who are non-Swedish and/ non-white face in Sweden. This book also discusses a critical concept named “hidden identities on social media”.

At the end of this book, SFQ invites the readers to reflect over the norms present in their own spaces. Then, SFQ presents a way forward, through giving examples of ways to create more inclusive and safer spaces for the diverse LGBTQIA+ community in Sweden.

You can download the ebook from here:


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Swedish federation of LGBTQIA+ students