Making Space

SFQ Project for the year 2016/2017


Announcement on the start of the project with project objective

Announcement on the completion of the project with project details

SFQ has published a book with the same name as the project, based on the research done during this project.

“This project aimed to bring academic knowledge from feminist theories and LGBTQIA+ activism on the same platform. This project Making Space is done in English so that it can be available to the non-Swedish speaking people as well. As an organization SFQ has many international students, and students that have recently moved to Sweden, who do not speak Swedish which will also be benefited from this project. The project believes that having materials in English will complement those materials that already exist in Swedish and other languages, as a way of building the knowledge base for those who do not know Swedish. Through the project Making Space, SFQ wanted to expand SFQ’s work further by critiquing the normative representation of the Swedish LGBTQIA+ community and by raising voices from the student community to represent this
diversity. When SFQ received the grant from MUCF and started the ball rolling, the project team brainstormed a significant name for the project that will summarize the needs and aims of this project. Thus, the name Making Space:
Raising hidden voices of the Swedish LGBTQIA+ community came into play.” – Quoted directly from the book Making Space

You can download the book for free from the links below:

Click here to access the epub version

Click here to access the pdf version

The project has also been featured on the press:

Opnion Piece published on The Local: ‘The assumption that Sweden has reached complete equality is wrong’

”Everybody should
feel: We exist”: A news feature on student Newspaper in Umeå, The Vertex

Making space gör plats för ett mångkulturellt hbtq-samhälle: A news feature on student Newspaper in Umeå, Aspirante

“SFQ söker studenter för intersektionellt projekt”: Nationella Sekretariet För Genusforskning

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Updated: 15.04.2018

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