Call to SFQ Kongress 2018

SFQ is excited to send out this invitation to the annual kongress! This is the first invitation which includes basic information for you.

More practical information and more documents, will come at a later date.

It was encouraged by members at kongress 2016 that the SFQ kongress be held in English if possible, with the hope that this would make the kongress more accessible for our members who are new to Sweden. In 2017, the SFQ kongress was held in English and the participants appreciated it. Therefore, this year’s kongress will be held in English. Either way, everybody is welcome to participate in the kongress regardless of which language they prefer, SFQ will do our best to accommodate both English and Swedish speakers.
This invitation is the official call to SFQ’s 2018 kongress.

Date and Place: 24th November – 25th November 2018, Stockholm University, Stockholm (you will get more information when you register)

Register if you are coming!

You need to register in order to come to the kongress so that we can prepare food or other necessities beforehand. If you are coming as a delegate of one of the local branches then contact the local branch you are a member of. The registration form has been sent to the local branches. If you want to come as a solo member of SFQ (not as a member of a local branch) then write to

Deadline to register: 11th November 2018


  • Meet LGBTQIA+ students and activists from around Sweden, both international and local students as well as graduates
  • Contribute to the work of SFQ by being a part of discussions about SFQ’s work, setting priorities, and coming up with new ideas for SFQ to work with next year and help set the way forward!
  • Come with your own ideas!
  • Candidate for the board, election committee or work auditor!
  • If you are coming as a delegate of any of the local branches:
    • You are allowed to vote
    • You can decide on the proposed motions from members and the board of SFQ
    • You can approve SFQ’s work plan and budget for 2018

Important: The proposed work plan 2019, the proposed budget 2019 and the propositions from the board are attached in the invitation!
Hope to see you there!
The Board of SFQ


How does voting work at the kongress?

Voting at the kongress is done by the delegates from each local branch. If you want to be a delegate of any of the local branches then contact the local branch you are a member of. However, all members of SFQ are greatly encouraged to attend the meeting, come with your own ideas and voice your opinions!

Information about how to put forward motions

A motion is a formal step to introduce a matter for consideration to the kongress of SFQ, e.g. changes to SFQ’s statutes, steering documents, work plan or budget. The following have the right to present motions to the kongress: a local branch, an elected representative of SFQ, a single member of SFQ, as well as a group of local branches, elected representatives, or members.

Motions should be sent in writing to the board of SFQ (to: no later than four weeks before the kongress (27th of October). The board’s response to motions are sent no later than two weeks before the kongress (10th of November). The motion and the responses to the motion will also be made available on the website,

Food, accommodation and travel

Food, accommodation and travel will be provided by SFQ! Make sure to save your travel receipts in order for SFQ to be able to reimburse you.

Safe space

The kongress will be held in a safe and closed space with only registered participants, the board of SFQ, the auditors, election committee and the kongress presidials. Provided food is vegan and free from nuts, however, if you have more preferences we are inclusive towards that as well. Moreover, we have strict policy about not publishing photos without participants’ consent. We also work towards be inclusive and ensure a safer space for all people.

Kongress documents

SFQ Statutes (Swedish)

SFQ Statutes (English translations)

Kongress 2018 agenda

Proposed work plan 2019

Proposed budget 2019

Proposition 1

Proposition 2

Proposition 3

Proposition 4

Proposition 5

Proposition 6

(Added Nov 10)
Motion 1

Answer to motion 1

Motion 2

Answer to motion 2

Årsbokslut 2017

Revisionsberättelse 2017

Added 12 November 2018
Work auditors statement

Annual work report 2017

Added later

Kongress dictionary

The nominations from the election committee contains personal information therefore, we are not sharing it on the website. However, the nominations have been sent to the members and the local branches of SFQ. If you would like to have a copy of the nominations, please, write to us at info(at)