Invitation to SFQ’s Annual Congress

Dear members!

SFQ is excited to send out this invitation to the annual congress! This is the first invitation which includes basic information for you.
More practical information and more documents, will come at a later date.
It was encouraged by members at Congress 2016 that the next congress be held in English if possible, with the hope that this would make the congress more accessible for our members who are new to Sweden. However, the language of the congress will be confirmed closer to the time. Either way, everybody is welcome to participate in the congress regardless of which language they prefer, SFQ will do our best to accommodate both English and Swedish speakers.

This invitation is the official call to SFQ’s 2017 congress.

Date and Place
The congress will be held 25-26th November 2017

Important Documents

Föredragningslista på Svenska

Agenda in English

Statutes in English

Valberedningens förslag för 2018

Årsredovisning & revisionsberättelse 2016

Verksamhetsberättelse 2016

SFQ Proposition 1 2017

Motion 1 and Answer to Motion 1

Motion 2 and Answer to Motion 2

Motion 3 and Answer to Motion 3

Verksamhetsplan (Svenska) 2018

Workplan (English) 2018

Budgetförslag/ Proposed budget 2018 (English and Swedish)

● Meet LGBTQIA+ students and activists from around Sweden, both international and local students as well as graduates
● Contribute to the work of SFQ by being a part of discussions about SFQ’s work, setting priorities, and coming up with new ideas for SFQ to work with during 2018 and forward
● Vote in the new board of SFQ for 2018
● Decide on the proposed motions from members and the board of SFQ
● Come with your own ideas!
● Approve SFQ’s work plan and budget for 2018
● Travel, catering, and accommodation is provided for congress participants

Hope to see you there!

Please read further for more info.

How does voting work at the congress?
Voting at the congress is done by the delegates from each local branch. However, all members of SFQ are greatly encouraged to attend the meeting, come with your own ideas and voice your opinions!

Information about how to put forward motions
A motion is a formal step to introduce a matter for consideration to the congress of SFQ, e.g. changes to SFQ’s statutes, steering documents, work plan or budget. The following have the right to present motions to the congress: a local branch, an elected representative of SFQ, a single member of SFQ, as well as a group of local branches, elected representatives, or members. A proposition is like a motion, but comes from the board of SFQ.
Motions should be sent in writing to the board of SFQ (to: no later than four weeks before the congress (27th October). The board’s response to motions are made available on the website,, no later than two weeks before the congress (10th November).

The Board of SFQ