Bli medlem

To become a member use this link: You only need to enter your name, email, and date of birth (date of birth in the box for personal number), as well as choosing how you want to be involved: nationally, locally, or as a support member.

Earlier members can even log in with the same link, to pay their membership for 2017.

The membership fee is set to 50 SEK / calendar year.
For each member of a local branch, SFQ pays 85 SEK to that local branch (so more than your membership fee!). Your local branch can even apply for further funds from us when they have paying members.

We have a fee because our funders demand that we have a fee.

Have you lost your login details or having difficulties in registering or have further questions about membership? Send an email to

För att bli medlem använder du denna länk:
Tidigare medlemmar kan även logga in genom samma länk för att betala sitt medlemskap.

Medlemskapsavgiften är 50 kr och gäller för ett kalenderår.
Har du tappat bort dina inloggningsuppgifter, eller har har frågor om medlemskap? Kontakta

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